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Why Get A Home Inspection?

No matter the age, all homes should be inspected. Even new construction can hide problems not visible to the untrained eye. This is where our Certified inspectors can come to the rescue in evaluating the structural and mechanical systems of your new or existing home.

We have a wealth of knowledge to offer in all aspects of home construction, even electrical and mechanical. Major and minor deficiencies and the condition of the property will be disclosed immediately following your inspection in a 30 - 40 page digital report. Pictures are taken through out the inspection and will be included in your report.

A home inspection is a history of the home. It is an experienced and professional opinion of the current condition and the construction. Our inspectors off you a true professional inspection of the property and a peace of mind you can live with.

                               Pre-Purchase Buying Inspection



                                New Construction Inspection

                                      On-Site Consultation  


                                    Commercial Inspection    


                                       Rental Inspections

Structural System

Foundation, Building Support

Electrical System

Service, Overcurrent, Protection and Grounding

Plumbing System

Functional Supply, Flow & Drainage

Water Penetration

All Visible Sources

Central Heating & Cooling

Condition, Operation and Ductwork

Gas Leak Detection

Fireplace, Furnace, Range and Piping


Rooms, Kitchen, Bathrooms, Attic, Basement or Crawlspace


Roof, Siding, Foundation, Garage and Grade

Senior Citizen Inspection Services:  We understand senior citizens have limited mobility. That's why we are happy to offer help.  Any seniors that elect to have work performed and are unable to visually inspect the work/services completeed by another company, can choose to have us take a look. We can insure that the best services have been received. Ask about our special discount pricing for this service.

Radon:  (Not Included With Standard Home Inspection)

Radon is a radioactive gas that you can't see, smell or taste.  It comes from the earth itself, rising up all around us, part of the natural chain of radioactive decay: uranium decaying to radium, then to radon gas, finally to radioactive lead.

The EPA action level is 4 Pico curies of radon per liter of air (4.0pCi/L) Readings below 4.0 are acceptable and reading above 4.0 are not.

Can Radon be harmful?  Yes.  The EPA estimates that up to 20,000 lung cancer deaths each year may be caused by long term radon exposure.

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